Traveling Begonias

Bringing the world to you one artifact at a time

Birthing a new Begonia

Kate Begonia

I am kind of at a crossroads in my life. I'm nearly finished with my first half century and find myself wanting to take my career in a new direction. I've spent over 25 years in corporate America and the thought of taking on another soul-sucking job doesn't please me in the least. Don't get me wrong, I've had some great experiences along the way but I've also had enough terrible ones and I just don't want to gamble with my quality of life that way again.

I've read dozens of books about finding your calling, your life's work, your own satisfaction, etc. yet nothing has quite clicked for me yet. So I'm feeling my way into something new, something that I can't quite articulate yet but will include travel for me and my family. It will keep me busy. It will allow me the flexibility to have a schedule that supports my kids as they move through middle and high school. It will allow me to meet people and perhaps do some good in the process.

So Traveling Begonias is currently in the birthing stages. The kernel of the idea is to travel, document my adventure, find local artisans and craftsmen, and bring their wares back to the states for resale. At its most basic, this is an import business but I hope it will be a true experience that will captivate people and give them access to other areas of the world.