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New year, renewed focus

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The wind down of 2018 really took me into some doldrums. I lost enthusiasm for everything and didn’t do as much as I should have with my business, my non-profit, or myself. Knowing and regretting that, I think I started January with the right blend of eagerness and focus and my attitude has shifted from one of resignation to one of resolve.

With that, I’ve been concentrating on finishing the handbag line and will start promoting it more actively in the next few weeks.

I’m really pleased with how the product tags came out. Now I need to get good product photography completed so the Etsy site can be updated. I have other ideas I need to prototype but I think these need to get out the door and onto “shelves” first so I’m not in a constant state of development.

So that’s the current state of affairs over at Traveling Begonias.

Oh, and I’m planning a trip to Ireland for March. Stay tuned!