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Our first showcase!

NewsKate BegoniaComment

I am so excited to announce that we have our first showcase scheduled! Our approach to these showcases will be to feature the items selected on the latest trip, pour some great local wine, provide something to nosh on from a local restaurant, and show highlights from some of the artists we met during the trip. It will be held at my home and invitations will be sent to people I know personally. 

showcase invitation.jpg

After the showcase I'll take what's left and do a pop-up shop in the Portland-metro area. I am considering an online presence as well but for right now I'd like to make it more personal by interacting with my customers face-to-face. 

July 22 is the big day and I can't wait to get feedback on the items I brought back from India last month. I'm viewing the showcase concept as a way for me to refine the business and merchandise I procure on upcoming trips. I'm hoping for lots of feedback on this first excursion.